About Karaoke Ottawa: Our Story

karaoke ottawa logoWe started offering our karaoke services in 2012, when we noticed there was a need for a 21st century karaoke system. The karaoke rental business in Ottawa needed a little kick in the butt, and we decided we’d be the ones doing the kicking! Until we arrived on the scene, all of the rental services in Ottawa offered karaoke with CD’s, binders and complicated remotes.

We tested out a few solutions but none of them did everything our clients wanted. So we decided to design our own. Our “Karaoke Ottawa” system is made up of professional audio equipment, all the accessories you will need, and our patented tablet-based software, that makes it extremely easy for you and your guests to have a great karaoke party. If you’d like to experience our system in person follow this link to rent a karaoke machine.

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About Us

Hi, I’m Sean, owner of Karaoke Ottawa. I take care of most of the technical stuff like programming our systems and designing our website. My favorite type of music is definitely Rock & Roll and my favorite song to sing is Sweet Caroline.

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I help with deliveries and office stuff like creating invoices and keeping track of receipts. I love Pop Music and my favorite songs on the Karaoke Ottawa machine are Disco songs.

Hi, I’m Inge. I’m in charge of marketing and I also deliver a system every once in a while. My favorite kind of music is that music you listen to when you want to relax and study. My favorite karaoke song is definitely 99 Red Balloons.

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Our Service

Want to host an amazing party for friends, family or co-workers? Karaoke Ottawa gives you what you need to make your party one of the most memorable your guests will have ever had! You want something easy, affordable and stress-free. Look no further then Karaoke. All it takes is one call, and we take care of the rest. All of our systems come with free delivery and installation, they are extremely easy to use, and nearly always turn a party from “ok” to “Amazing!”

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer the best karaoke rental service in Ottawa. Our state of the art systems are guaranteed to make a great party!*

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Hi, I’m Sean, owner of Karaoke Rental Ottawa. If you have any questions about our service please send me an email or call 613-454-5853. You can also quickly follow this link to rent a karaoke machine